I'm quite concerned about the label "A.I.".

The extraordinary achievements made in identifying protein folding configurations were the results of efforts made by extremely intelligent coders who designed a PROGRAM which is neither artificial nor intelligent.

The analogous model would be semiconductors. The fact that quantum computing works and tunneling occurs in non-intuitive ways makes neither the electron nor the computer intelligent.

This is not a mere question of semantics. Turing notwithstanding, the use of such monikers creates a perceived reality which has not been shown to exist.

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Awesome. I hope they continue to honor the wee human geniuses who created these AI techs. We will someday be the ancient and fragile gods who spawned the creatures that colonize the galaxy… assuming we can get through this climate crisis and other existential threats, and the return of 1980’s style clothing.

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Dizzying. I am both inspired and fearful (as is my wont). I prefer "Enhanced Intelligence" as a descriptor- nothing 'artificial" about it.

If we don't understand how transformer architectures work why don't we just design one that we ask to explain itself to us?

In any case, the medium term consequence of this extraordinary revolution will be that humanity is given the means to take control of its own evolution..the most amazing development in our species since we came into being!

But all of this is occurring in the matrix of humanity's current immaturity- we are still little more than jumped-up simians! For that reason, I advise caution...not in the research and technology- but in what bad actors may make of it- a persistent human problem with all our tools.

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