This is a remarkable discussion that has satisfied my biggest objections to Peter Attia's exceptional book!

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Disappointing that you didn't ask him about multiple COVID infection's impact on longevity.

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Informative interview. May I suggest that you arrange an interview with Dr. Michael Greger. The two of you are the scientists in whom I have unqualified trust.

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Good discussion, yet I’d like to ask re his recommendation for a high daily protein intake. Virtually all protein shakes or supplements also contain high amounts of many vitamins, herbs and other compounds. Four specific concerns arise:

1. This is in spite of solid data showing increased all cause mortality of some specific added vitamins.

2. There is also virtually no data on the effects of high pharmacological doses of vitamins quickly absorbed from a supplement, as opposed to slow absorption of biologically normal doses of vitamins within foods.

3. In addition there are many known drug interactions with specific doses of specific vitamins, and it is entirely unknown what interactions might exist if 15-30 biologically active compounds in high doses are taken all at once.

4. A number of protein supplements have been tested and found to have anabolic steroids and various stimulants in them, yet the supplement market as a whole remains mostly untested and unregulated, so we simply don’t know what we’re getting.

One possible conclusion from this data might be that if you take a protein supplement take it without any of the added vitamins or other ingredients.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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The link to your review of Dr. Attia's book is to a private document - not accessible.

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will fix that. Thanks

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