Review of a new book with 6 months of assessing GPT-4 for medical applications
While the risk of severe, acute Covid that leads to hospitalization or death has decreased during the 3+ years of the pandemic, the primary concern has…
The catalytic impact of large language models (Generative AI)
Some reflections on this newsletter and future plans
All indications from genomic surveillance of the virus, wastewater. and the clinical outcomes that are still being tracked (albeit more limited and less…
The body of evidence expands

February 2023

10 years after CRISPR things are really heating up
The pandemic gave it a jolt and it's just getting started

January 2023

Exciting recent advances in cancer, autoimmune conditions, reversal of scarring and beyond
Helping medical doctors and patients in the Foundation Model A.I. era
A review of the cumulative body of evidence

December 2022

The XBB.1.5 variant is on a growth spurt in the United States