The remarkable untapped potential of smartphone ultrasound
Overall, a very good look and omen for the next couple of months
16 November 2022, daily briefing
Pandemic daily briefing, 14 November 2022
When both cost and time to get data plummet
Daily Pandemic briefing #8, 10 November 2022
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Daily pandemic update #6, 7 November 2022
A new study sheds light on a bonus benefit after the acute phase
Today, the CDC updated the case attribution by variants with BQ.1.1—the main one of concern here—at 19%, and combined with BQ.1 at 35%, not dissimilar…
Just a reminder that I’m doing these daily updates while Twitter is in flux, with millions exiting. Yet there’s still a pandemic out there to contend…
Vaccine vs. Pathogen Progress The advances in vaccinology preceding the pandemic laid the foundation for the hyper-accelerated Covid vaccine success (10…