Sitemap - 2023 - Ground Truths

Tony Wyss-Coray: The Science of Aging

A Covid Update

The TED A.I. Conference

David Liu: A Master Class on the Future of Genome Editing

Geoffrey Hinton: Large Language Models in Medicine. They Understand and Have Empathy

From a Detour to Global Dominance

When Organoids Become Healers

The A.I. Resident Enters the Colonoscopy Suite

Andrew Ng: On OpenAI's stormy times, AI regulation, education, and where we are headed for healthcare and beyond

When There is Actionable, Lifesaving Genetic Information

Bruce Wilkoff: A pioneering cardiologist who dedicated his career to preventing sudden death finds a gift in death he's now facing

The Big Trial of a GLP-1 drug (Wegovy) to Reduce Major Cardiovascular Events

Towards an Optimal Diet

James Zou: one of the most prolific and creative A.I. researchers in both life science and medicine

The Virus Takes a Detour in its Evolutionary Arc

The Science Behind Food and Dangers of Ultra-Processed, Artificial, Non-Food with Dr. Chris Van Tulleken

Peter Attia: Our conversation about his hit book OUTLIVE, Medicine 3.0, promoting healthspan, GLP-1 drugs and more

Covid Nasal Vaccines Get A Boost

On Genome Editing With Fyodor Urnov, A Pioneer

A Nobel Prize and the Future of Vaccines+

A New Precedent—A.I. Gets the "American Nobel" Prize in Medicine

When the Breakthrough Obesity G-Agonist Drugs Exceed Expectations

Straight Talk with Peter Hotez

An Exciting New Approach to Autoimmune Diseases

All Eyes on Medical A.I.

Ziyad Al-Aly: Illuminating Long Covid

My review of THE COMING WAVE

The BA.2.86 variant and the new booster

An Experiment in Going Interactive

A Quick Update on the BA.2.86 Variant

Long-Term Long Covid

Straight talk with Magdalena Skipper, the Editor-in-Chief at Nature

Long Covid: Mitochondria, the Big Miss, and Hope

John Halamka: How Mayo Clinic is Transforming Healthcare with A.I.

The Virus is Learning New Tricks and We Humans Keep Falling Behind

Melanie Mitchell: Straight Talk on A.I. Large Language Models

Diagnostic medical errors are a huge problem. Will A.I. come to the rescue?

Spatial biology is lighting it up

From Asymptomatic Covid to Long Covid: Major Advances in Genetic Underpinnings

A Review of OUTLIVE

Medical A.I. is On a Tear, Part Two

Medical A.I. is on a tear

Linsey Marr: Air Quality—A Major Issue of Our Time

How to Upend Cancer Screening

Al Gore: The Intersection of A.I. and Climate Change

Stump the Medical Expert or GPT-4?

Cancer and the Nervous System

Hannah Davis: A 360° on Long Covid

The Brain and Long Covid

Peter Lee and the Impact of GPT-4 + Large Language AI Models in Medicine

The under-appreciation of CHIP

Pearls from the Pangenome

A one-two punch against pancreatic cancer

When thinking or talking promotes tumor growth

Straight talk with Michael Osterholm

When Patient Questions Are Answered With Higher Quality and Empathy by ChatGPT than Physicians

The heightened risk of autoimmune diseases after Covid

An invitation to Notes

New diabetes post-acute Covid (PASC, Long Covid), an inconvenient truth

The fascinating and evolving story of bacteria and cancer

Generative A.I. and the New Medical Generalist

Project Next Gen: The United States Gets Serious for New Covid Vaccines

Why the new RSV vaccines are a BFD

A continuous blood pressure monitoring bracelet

The GPT-x Revolution in Medicine

Preventing Long Covid

Multimodal AI for medicine, simplified

The Next Phase of Ground Truths

A break from Covid waves and a breakthrough for preventing Long Covid

Heart attacks and strokes late after Covid

Towards genome editing cure of genetic heart diseases

The Hospital-at-Home movement

Engineering T cells

When M.D. is a Machine Doctor

The bivalent vaccine booster outperforms